Christina Hartman Denounces GOP Tax Bill, Rep. Lloyd Smucker for Tax Hike on Middle-Class Families

  ·   Press Release

Today, Christina Hartman condemned the GOP’s and Rep. Lloyd Smucker’s ill-advised tax cut scheme. Ms. Hartman released this statement:

“With overwhelming evidence and independent analyses showing that this tax bill will leave America’s middle class out in the cold, the GOP and Rep. Lloyd Smucker have redoubled their efforts to enrich the top 1% and huge corporations. Here in the 16th district, middle-class families will get tax hikes so that Rep. Smucker can shower his donors with massive tax cuts.

This misguided adventure would be amusing if it didn’t impact the life and livelihood of nearly every American. From the beginning, Democrats have called for transparent, thoughtful legislation that simplifies the tax code, doesn’t further increase the national debt, and gives tax cuts to those who need it most—the middle class and small businesses, not corporations and the 1%.

Unfortunately, Republicans in Washington have other priorities, and putting money back into the pockets of hard-working Pennsylvanians isn’t one of them. As we move closer to the GOP endgame, it’s clear that Rep. Smucker isn’t concerned with this tax cut scheme’s long-term negative consequences for Pennsylvania.

Rep. Smucker, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – your vote for this travesty is unacceptable. The people of PA-16 deserve better, and those who sent you to Washington know that the blame will rest squarely on your shoulders.”