Christina Hartman Releases Slate of Endorsements for Auditor General Race

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December 5, 2019        

CONTACT: Caroline Ross  | (203) 722-6005

Today, Christina Hartman, Democratic candidate for Auditor General, released 45 endorsements from across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including former Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell. Hartman released this statement:

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“I am grateful for Gov. Rendell’s continued support and 44 other elected officials from 12 counties across the Commonwealth. From school board to the state legislature and every position in between, we are building a grassroots campaign that demonstrates all levels in government are important and all counties—rural, urban, and suburban—matter.

“Since this campaign began in early October, we have traveled to 29 counties and worked hard to earn the support of these elected officials, who work tirelessly for their communities. I am humbled by their confidence in me. As Auditor General, I will continue Auditor General Eugene DePasquale’s great work, protecting your tax dollars, shining a bright light on government spending, and making recommendations for change when it is not used properly.

“These endorsements and the relationships that I’ve built with elected leaders across PA will allow for my recommendations to be taken up by those who can address the issues, and deliver results for all Pennsylvanians.”

“I’m proud to endorse my fellow Lancastrian Christina Hartman for Auditor General. I’ve seen her work up close over the last few years and I can tell you that no one will work harder for you than Christina,” said State Rep. Mike Sturla (D-Lancaster). “She shares our values of hard work, honesty, and respect, and she isn’t afraid to speak out against corruption and abuse. That’s what Christina will bring to Harrisburg and that’s why she’s my choice for Auditor General.”

Montgomery County State Rep. Mary Jo Daley commented, “I’m thrilled to endorse Christina Hartman for Auditor General in the Democratic primary. While we’re making progress, Pennsylvania women are still dramatically underrepresented in government, especially at the statewide level, where not a single woman currently holds office, and I’m tired of it. Christina has the experience to lead this crucial office, and the work ethic and perseverance to win this campaign. One woman can’t shatter Pennsylvania’s glass ceiling alone, and that’s why I’m standing with Christina. Together, we will show the women of Pennsylvania that they deserve to be represented at all levels of government, especially at the top.”

Current endorsements of Christina Hartman for Auditor General are:

  1. Ed Rendell, former Governor of Pennsylvania
  2. Mike Sturla, State Representative PA-96
  3. Mary Jo Daley, State Representative PA-148
  4. Kevin Barnhart, Berks County Commissioner
  5. Ed Bustin, Bradford County Commissioner
  6. Marian Moskowitz, Chester County Commissioner-elect
  7. Kathi Cozzone, Chester County Commissioner
  8. Judy Herschel, Susquehanna County Commissioner-elect
  9. John Adams, Berks County District Attorney
  10. Deb Ryan, Chester County District Attorney-elect
  11. Michele Vaughn, Chester County Register of Wills-elect
  12. Margaret Reif, Chester County Controller
  13. Rick Ainey, Susquehanna County Auditor-elect and New Milford Borough Councilmember
  14. Danene Sorace, Mayor of the City of Lancaster
  15. Tim Scott, Mayor of Carlisle
  16. Andrew Kearney, Mayor of West Reading
  17. Jackie Al-Amin, City of Coatesville Councilmember-at-Large
  18. James Reichenbach, City of Lancaster Council President and Treasurer-elect
  19. Ismail Smith-Wade-El, City of Lancaster Councilmember
  20. Jaime Arroyo, City of Lancaster Councilmember
  21. Xavier Garcia, City of Lancaster Councilmember
  22. Faith Craig, City of Lancaster Councilmember
  23. Pete Soto, City of Lancaster Councilmember
  24. Amy Keller, City of Lebanon Councilmember-elect
  25. Joel Hicks, Carlisle Borough Councilmember-elect
  26. Lois Herr, Mt. Gretna Borough Councilmember
  27. Margaretta (Rhett) Lipscomb, Parkesburg Borough Council
  28. Ben Bamford, Lancaster Township Supervisor
  29. Steve Elliott, Lancaster Township Supervisor
  30. Whitney Hoffman, Kennett Township Supervisor
  31. Sam Mecum, Manheim Township Supervisor
  32. Patrice Proctor, Valley Township Supervisor and Chairwoman
  33. Kevin Houghton, West Bradford Township Supervisor
  34. Tom Merchant, Upper Makefield Township Tax Collector-elect
  35. Beth Sviben, Central Dauphin School Board Director
  36. Lindsay Drew, Derry Township School Board Director
  37. Randolph Carney, School District of Lancaster Board Director
  38. Nikki Rivera, Manheim Township School Board President
  39. Janet Carroll, Manheim Township School Board Director
  40. Sara Grosh, Manheim Township School Board Director
  41. JoAnn Hentz, Manheim Township School Board Director
  42. Dr. John Smith, Manheim Township School Board Director
  43. Deborah Yonick Kalina, Southern York School Board Director
  44. Diane Topakian, Lancaster City Democratic Committee Chair
  45. Sally Lyall, former Lancaster County Democratic Committee Chair  

Christina Hartman is a non-profit leader and global advocate for democracy, fair elections, and government accountability. Christina has worked for nearly 20 years as a senior non-profit leader, managing federally-funded programs up to $44 million in scope and advocating for citizens’ rights and government accountability at several high-profile non-profits, including Freedom House, the National Democratic Institute, and the Joyful Heart Foundation, and their affiliate offices in more than 15 countries.

In 2016, Christina ran for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania’s former 16th district, a district initially deemed “too red to win.” However, Christina made this rural district competitive, gaining national attention from EMILY’s List and the DCCC and raising $1.25 million from grassroots supporters. 

You can find out more about Christina on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @HartmanForPA.