Hartman Campaign Calls on Rep. Lloyd Smucker to Condemn Pat Meehan, Donate Contributions to Local Charity

  ·   Press Release


Today, following recent revelations of Rep. Pat Meehan’s sexual harassment of a female employee and his use of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to secretly settle the charges, Christina Hartman’s campaign is publicly calling on Rep. Lloyd Smucker to donate $12,000 of campaign contributions from Meehan to a local charity.

With the details growing more disturbing by the day, even Republicans in Congress have been forced to take action. Speaker Paul Ryan has removed Meehan from the House Ethics Committee, and the Ethics Committee has subsequently launched an investigation into Meehan’s conduct. But Rep. Smucker refuses to speak out.

“Representative Smucker has repeatedly put his powerful campaign contributors ahead of the people of PA-16, and now he’s refusing to stand up for victims of sexual misconduct because it would hurt his bottom line,” said Hartman Campaign Manager Mike Wilson.

“Smucker’s $12,000 from Meehan is the most of any Member of Congress.  If he were really concerned about sexual misconduct, he’d publicly denounce Pat Meehan and donate that money to the YWCA Lancaster, where it can be used to support survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. But we won’t hold our breath. After all, Smucker has 12,000 reasons to stay silent.”