Hartman Campaign Calls on Rep. Lloyd Smucker to Return Meehan Money

  ·   Press Release

Today, Christina Hartman’s campaign is once again publicly calling on Rep. Lloyd Smucker to donate $12,000 of campaign contributions from disgraced Representative Pat Meehan to a local charity. Meehan, who announced he will not seek re-election, has spurred action and condemnation from his GOP colleagues – Representative Mike Coffman donated $10,000 to a local charity and Representative Barbara Comstock donated $8,000 to a charity that protects women and children.

But Rep. Smucker is still refusing to speak out or donate the tainted funds.

“We know that Representative Smucker values his powerful campaign contributors ahead of his constituents, but his ongoing refusal to divest his contributions from Meehan is particularly despicable,” said Hartman Campaign Manager Mike Wilson. “It’s time for Smucker to do the right things and send his $12,000 in contributions from Meehan to an organization like YWCA Lancaster, where it can be used to support survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Other Republicans have donated the tainted money – why is Smucker refusing to follow their example?”