Hartman Condemns Rep. Smucker’s Tax Bill, Calls for Tax Reform for Middle Class

  ·   Press Release

Christina M. Hartman Condemns Rep. Smucker’s Tax Bill, Calls for Reform for Middle Class

Yesterday, Christina Hartman condemned Rep. Lloyd Smucker’s vote in favor of the House GOP Tax Bill. Ms. Hartman released this statement:

“This tax bill leaves America’s middle class out in the cold—again. In our district alone, both middle-class families and small businesses will receive a tax hike so that Rep. Lloyd Smucker can pay for this GOP giveaway to the richest 1% and huge corporations.

We need Congress to pass transparent, thoughtful legislation that simplifies the tax code, doesn’t further increase the national debt, and gives tax cuts to those who need it most—the middle class and small businesses, not corporations and the 1%.

It’s clear that once again, Washington is more interested in giving handouts to wealthy corporations than in putting money back into the pockets of hard-working Americans.

Rep. Smucker, your vote for this travesty is unacceptable. The people of PA-16 deserve better, and we will remember that you value your corporate donors more than those you were sent to Washington to represent.”