Policy Issues

I will bring new energy and fresh ideas to Washington, with a community-driven focus that puts constituents before special interests.

This is how I will deliver the best results for the people of Central Pennsylvania.

Educational Opportunity for All

As a graduate of Manheim Township public schools, I believe every child should have the same opportunity to an excellent education that I did. High-quality schools and a strong economy gives each of us our best chance to be successful. For too long, we’ve cut funding to our schools. Now is the time for us to invest again in our children’s futures and the future of our towns, villages, and cities. We need families to choose our communities as their homes, knowing their children will attend strong schools that will prepare them well for a future with our changing economy. We have a long and proud tradition of higher education here in central Pennsylvania, and I am committed to making sure that our students can afford to attend a four-year college or a vocational program. If we don’t make this a top-priority, we will lose our best and brightest students.

Improving Our Access to Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act has dramatically reduced the number of uninsured individuals, but that doesn’t mean that the law was perfectly designed. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, it was our participation in health insurance marketplace that that gave us the opportunity and the resources to have his illness treated effectively. We need to defend, improve, and advance the Affordable Care Act, and I will legislate common sense solutions to increase quality and cost-effectiveness, such as expanding access and addressing market distortions that result from government negotiated drug prices as we work towards universal healthcare.

Protecting Our Aging Population

It’s no secret that our Social Security and Medicare systems are under duress as Americans live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. We need to make sure that seniors have a secure quality of life and that the family caring for them has the support they need. My own grandfather—like many seniors throughout the country—depends on Social Security and Medicare. We must deliver on the promise that we made to seniors, who have worked hard and sacrificed, and who deserve the retirement security they’ve paid into their whole lives. I will advocate for changes that will enhance these programs, such as increasing or eliminating Social Security’s cap on taxable income. We can and we will make sensible adjustments to Social Security to ensure the program’s sustainability and improve its benefits, and I will make achieving these goals one of my highest priorities.

Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Bridges, roads, and public transport. They’re how business gets done in our community. Maintaining bridges and roads is about safety. It’s about jobs. And it’s about saving taxpayers from spending money to fix their vehicles because they hit one too many pot holes. Pennsylvania’s roads are some of the worst in the nation, and those in our district are some of the worst in the state. We need to make sure there’s funding for infrastructure repair. We need to expand funding for public transportation projects. Public bus routes, rail accessibility, and paratransit programs are not just convenient. They also save energy, reduce traffic congestion, and raise property values. Increasing services, such as Amtrak, means more commuting across our region. That’s job opportunities and economic growth for our cities and towns—and it’s something worth pursuing.

Reforming Our Immigration System

I support comprehensive immigration reform and will advocate for common sense changes to our system, including a pathway to citizenship for aspiring Americans. Providing a pathway to citizenship would benefit the economy, stabilize the wages of all workers, and protect immigrant workers from poor and dangerous working conditions.

Safeguarding Our National Security

Our national security depends on a number of factors – such as our role and reputation as an international leader, our diplomatic influence, and our military strength. As an international election observer in Afghanistan, I’ve seen firsthand how other countries view our government as a template to achieve democracy and equality. A secure America is an America that has defeated ISIS and other extremists, that has stopped Iran from developing nuclear weapons, that holds other countries accountable for trade violations and acts of cyberterrorism, and that builds new relationships to promote the values which make our country a leader in the international community.

Stewardship of Our Land

As some of the fastest growing counties in the state, one of our biggest challenges is balancing sustainability of our farmland with our economic and population growth. Our bountiful farmland has been the key to our success for hundreds of years. As stewards of this land, we must protect and support our farmland to ensure that it is here for future generations. We must have a critical and careful understanding of pressures that could lead to further deterioration of this land, including pipeline development and big business growth. To be true to our heritage, we must make responsible land decisions while balancing the needs of our economy and supporting its growth in a sustainable way.

Supporting Small Businesses

Central Pennsylvania is known for its strong small businesses and a culture of entrepreneurship. We want to see these businesses grow and encourage everyone to take part. Businesses, schools, and local government—our largest employers—need job-ready employees with the skills that match their industries. We need to eliminate tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs and provide tax incentives to small businesses, creating more jobs here at home. Expanding vocational and training opportunities and supporting organized labor will not only ensure businesses have the support they need, but will also support middle class families to build an economy where everyone can earn a fair wage.

Working Together in Washington

People are really fed up with Washington. Right now, we need leaders in Congress who can get things done by cutting through the petty partisanship and legislative gridlock. For most of my life, I’ve been someone who brings people together to find solutions. Whether advocating for non-profits’ policy agendas domestically or teaching civic participation methods internationally, I have a long track record of achieving results. As the 10th district’s Congresswoman, voters can count on me to build the coalitions needed to implement solutions.