Meet Christina Hartman

Uniquely Qualified

Christina is uniquely qualified for the position of Auditor General because she has the technical skills, leadership and management background, and the political experience both to win in November and also lead the Auditor General’s office. Over the course of her 20-year career, she worked holding governments to account in some of the world’s worst dictatorships. Christina managed federally-funded projects with budgets up to $44 million (a similar size to the Auditor General’s budget) and large teams across multiple offices and continents that underwent numerous audits, which found that the projects were efficient and effective and delivered excellent results.

Christina is also the only candidate who has run in a competitive general election and managed to narrow the GOP margin even with Trump at the top of the ticket. When she ran for Congress in 2016, she raised $1.25 million and gained national endorsements from the DCCC, EMILY’s List, and others in a district originally deemed too red to win. That experience is going to be crucial in 2020.

Finally, Christina brings much needed gender and geographic balance to our statewide ticket that already includes Joe Biden, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and Treasurer Joe Torsella. Adding a woman from outside of Philadelphia will make the Democratic ticket more competitive, especially since Christina’s home county of Lancaster has the fastest growing Democratic registration in the state. We’re going to need this new and growing Democratic base to win Pennsylvania in the presidential election, and to flip our State House and State Senate.


Christina grew up in Lancaster, both of her parents are from Philadelphia, and she has family in northeastern and north central Pennsylvania. She has been endorsed by more than 60 elected officials, including Gov. Rendell, spanning 18 counties, as well as the Lancaster, Chester, and Montgomery County Democratic Committees, and the Montgomery County Central Labor Council. So far, Christina has visited 45 of 67 counties in the campaign and spoken to voters all around the state. Christina understands the importance of working hard in our major cities, suburbs, and rural areas. As a candidate from central Pennsylvania, Christina is working to unite Democrats across the state to make sure we turn all of Pennsylvania blue in November.


Christina is a strong advocate of organized labor and is proud to be a member of the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 1937. As someone who has spent her life working around the world to promote community organizing, collective voice, and non-violent civic resistance, Christina has lived the values of unions and will stand with working families as Auditor General.

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Christina’s policy priorities will be education, healthcare, and criminal justice reform.

Specifically, Christina will look at the criminal justice system, and the inefficiencies created by focusing on punishment rather than rehabilitation, leading to high recidivism rates. While the issues in our criminal justice system are a human rights violation, it is also important to show that our tax dollars are being spent efficiently or effectively.

One aspect of education Christina would evaluate is the discrepancy between the standards for public schools and the standards for charter schools. While charter schools receive public funds, they are often held to lower standards, harming our students on the taxpayers’ dime. She will work to highlight those differences and work to ensure that students at any school receiving state funds are receiving a quality education and push for public schools to be the priority.

Healthcare is another critical issue for Pennsylvanians as costs continue to rise, especially for seniors. Christina will look at rising drug costs and nursing home treatment of seniors, to ensure that Medicare/Medicaid dollars are spent well for our most vulnerable.

While policy is important, one of the most important aspects of this office will be ensuring that the office continues to be funded. Because Auditor General DePasquale has been so successful in his work, the legislature has cut his budget as punishment. Christina will work hard to ensure that the current budget isn’t cut further, she continues to have a positive relationship with its union members at AFSCME, and she continues to highlight the work of this office to the taxpayers of the Commonwealth so that voters understand that government is working for them.

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