Smucker’s Poor Judgment

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Lloyd Smucker believes Trump has the qualities he’s looking for in a President

For more than a year, Donald Trump has denigrated women, mocked the disabled, attacked our veterans, and pit one group of Americans against another. Yet Lloyd Smucker largely stayed silent—sticking by the candidate he has endorsed.

During the GOP primary, Smucker said that he’s looking for certain qualities in our next Commander-in-Chief:

“…most of all I think you’re looking for character.” 

“…you base those decisions on what you have seen from those individuals in the past.” 

“It’s obviously a very very important decision and it’s one that should not be taken lightly.”

Already this week Trump’s alleged history of sexual assault and potentially inappropriate behavior towards underage girls has deepened. Here is what he has been accused of in the last couple of days:

As more women come forward, detailing their individual accounts of Donald Trump’s inappropriate and disgusting behavior, one must wonder why Smucker believes Trump has the right character to be President and question his judgment for continuing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with such a man.