Where in the World is Christina Hartman?

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About ten years ago, I used to keep a blog about my travels around the world. I was lucky enough to work on a youth leadership program in sub-Saharan Africa. We supported those young people to be strong voices in their community and government. My friends and co-workers used to tease me that that blog could have been called “Where in the world is Christina Hartman?” after my favorite childhood computer game, “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?”


So, for the campaign, we thought we’d revive that idea. I’ll be blogging from the campaign trail as frequently as I can to give you an inside look into the campaign. We’ll be talking about the issues that are important to you—to the people of Lancaster, Chester, Berks and beyond!


More than that, this blog will be a conversation—use the comments feature (civil dialogue only, please!), repost to other forms of social, and invite those you know to engage in the conversation.


The job description is right there in the title —Representative.  My job is to represent you and I couldn’t be prouder to be vying for the job to stand up for the people of this district.


I hope you’ll follow along.